Video marketing is the new game-changer in the digital marketing industry. Almost 90% of video marketers are watching positive results from their video marketing campaign, as they gain 66% extra qualified leads per year.

Video marketing is must for every type of business:

Especially for startup businesses , video can capture the awareness and understanding of your target audience in less then 2 minutes. When viewers watch a video, they keep 95% of the message, yet only 10% after studying written content.

Various Kinds of Video Production We have:

The list goes from video production that is concerned with the promotion of brands and products, explainer video production, corporate videos, videos done for the aim of uploading them on social media platforms, digital ads video, educational videos, walkthrough videos etc.

Why your business should use videos:

1. Videos boosts sales:

A well-planned video can directly lead to sales. 74% of users who watched an educational video regarding a brand subsequently purchase the product or subscribed to the service.

2. Videos increase ROI:

89% of video marketers announces that videos provide a great return on investment (ROI). Today, there’s more requirement for videos with great content, that is, videos that describe your products and/or services clearly.

3. Videos build trust:

Promotional videos strengthen trust for consumers skeptical about purchasing products and services online. Videos that present your product or service in a relaxed form are well-received. Nearly 57% of consumers say that videos gave them the energy boost that was needed to shop online.

75 Million people in the U.S. watch online videos everyday.

By just mentioning the word ‘video’ in an email subject line, the click-through rate increased by 13%.

Around 50% of all video is watched on a mobile device.

videos keep viewers on your website longer and engage them with your content.

Short, informative videos keep people engaged with your content significantly longer then text or pictures. In fact, viewers stay on websites with videos 60% longer than sites with just text and pictures. Google likes pages where viewers spend time, which they refer to as “dwell” time.

Step by step process to create a marketing video:

1. Concept:

First things first, what’s the motive of your video production project? We like to call this the discovery phase and it’s a decisive video production process step where we team up and consider the best approach to reach your goals.

In this step, every little detail is discussed. The goal is to make sure our team 100% understands your perspective. Additionally, it’s a perfect time to bring any questions to the table concerning potential ideas and how they can be directed.

We provides many types of videos and video production services. So, at this point, we conclude on the types of videos, the concept of the content and how to describe your message as fascinating as possible through visuals.

2. Pre-Production:

In pre-production, we get entirely squared away before filming to guarantee quality and effectiveness for your video production shoot. We coordinate with your team to research the best time, place, and people to film.

Part of this exercise is also preparing the script so we know accurately what will go on, frame by frame in your video allowing us to create a proper shoot timetable. 

3. Production:

The video production process is at its peak as we catch your content and show your vision to life. we make sure the highest quality of filming.

All hands are on deck here, and we’re able to observe everything come together. Following the well ordered shoot schedule, you know exactly what is being shot at what time. we ensure we get the perfect shot.

4. Post-Production:

Once step three is done and we have collected all of the raw footage, let the post-production process begin! In this video production phase, our team works together to start editing a draft of your recent video project. To remain the quality and brand of the product, our team efforts closely with our producers to put the icing on the cake of your video.

5. Project signoff:

The video production process is complete. The final videos are yours to share with the world. You are the holders of all the raw footage as well as the edited final video. Publish on your website, post on social media and start building traction and generating quality views.

Importance of different types of video production:

1. Product video production:

49% of online buyers say not being able to physically touch a product is one of their least favourite parts of shopping online. Product videos make it easier to overcome this limitation. Possibly one of the top benefits of product videos is that they directly help viewers establish a sense of trust in the brand. Product video production is an important part of your marketing tactics because they give viewers a good time to see how your service works in action.

2. Corporate video production:

An precisely delivered corporate video can ‘feature’ your image’s personality to a mass audience. By transferring the corporate recordings of your items or management on the web or online media, you can get a scope of corporate video planning intended to attract clients and customers. In the meanwhile, you can also get solid brand mindfulness that can prompt more business income.

3. Educational video production:

An educational video is a great chance to help leads find answers to their questions and guide them when they are straight-up asking for it. It takes the pain out of complex topics by making the content easy to understand. Even if there’s a difficult subject, a well-designed educational video never feels too complex. Many successful businesses take a complicated B2B idea and try their best to boil it down to available and clear content for their audience.Educational videos are tremendously helpful in placing your business as a source of useful knowledge. 

4. Digital Ads video:

The study predicted that worldwide online video would account for 80% of consumer internet video traffic in 2019, increasing from 64% in 2014. In 2021 it hit 82%. The biggest names in online marketplaces, including Amazon and eBay, announced that adding a video ad to a product details increases the chances of a shopper buying that item by up to 35%.

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